For more than thirty years, Leblon Delienne sculpture workshop has been creating statues, figurines, design furniture and art pieces inspired from the Pop Culture universe.

Pop Culture is now more present than ever in our lives: cinema, comic books, video games, comics, manga... Leblon Delienne draws its inspiration from these imaginary worlds which fascinate us, but also from Pop-rock music, Pop art or Street art worlds in order to extract their meaning :


  • The essence of those heroes is an immutable constant in the mind of millions of fans, which Leblon Delienne faithfully interprets, capturing the personality, the character and the dynamics of our favorite heroes, bringing them to life.


  • These imaginary universes are full of mythical objects and symbols that Leblon Delienne adapts with passion in order to create cult objects and furniture.


These Leblon Delienne characters and objects naturally take place in our lives, making us forget the boundary between real and imaginary worlds.

In order to push the limits of creativity and suggest new interpretations of these imaginary universes, Leblon Delienne is building associations with international artists and designers. 
Each designer’s collaboration with Leblon Delienne is based on its affinity and 
artistic style with those Pop culture icons. The universal characteristic of Pop Culture is the common passion that unites all those artists.
Thanks to these artistic projects, Leblon Delienne allows Pop Culture passionates to discover artistic worlds which were perhaps unknown from them and to raise Pop Culture to an art understood by all.
Each imagined piece is made as a work of art. Our expertise in sculpture, the unique style of Leblon Delienne, the limited editions, the search for excellence by 
the care taken in the manufacturing and finishing of each piece, are the attributes of a high-quality work.
This rare savoir-faire combined with a production in our Normand workshop allowed Leblon Delienne to be recognized and certified by the label "Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant".

Involving Pop culture and imaginary, high end art, Leblon Delienne presents all the attributes of a new and innovative luxury.