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Here is Lucky, the character inspired by the famous designer Eugeni Quitllet's heart, who comes to welcome us to 2020, which is also the Chinese year of the rat!

"I am rat in the Chinese Horoscope too, so it is also a self-portrait! This family of "lucky moods" is born from the idea of bringing good vibes into our daily life! I wanted to translate this positive feeling into innovative shapes and fit them into an artistic piece. Lucky is the first good-fortune sculpture, which will live with you in your home. Its friends will be unveiled soon and as a collection they will be the luckiest family ever."


Resin figurine - 25 cm (9,8 inches)

- Leadtime from 2 to 4 weeks -


* Chromed pieces are obtained with a meticulous and complex process. As a result, parts can sometimes have minimal finishing irregularities, often imperceptible at first glance. This does not alter the manufacturing quality of our creations.

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Size : 27 cm