One Minute MINNIE by Marcel Wanders - LIFE SIZE

25 000.00 € In stock

Leblon Delienne invited Dutch designer Marcel Wanders to personalise Disney’s most famous character with a life-size model, painted in Marcel Wanders’ signature style ‘One Minute Delft Blue’.

The piece is made entirely by hand in the brand’s historic atelier in Normandy, France.

Renowned for his eclectic and extravagant style, Marcel Wanders re-interprets the ancient Delft Blue technique in a contemporary way. This abstract universe created by Wanders characterises his style: he paints the resin model of Mickey Mouse with his bare hands, in an expressionist way. With this Marcel explores creativity in a tactile, craftsman- like fashion, whilst exploring his own imagination of an imaginary icon.


Eight copies, all unique, are offered to art lovers and collectors.

In associating Dutch heritage with the legendary figure of Mickey Mouse added to the exceptional savoir-faire of the Leblon Delienne atelier, Wanders subtly mixes universes and eras to create a timeless work. For the final touch, Marcel Wanders creates Mickey Mouse’s nose in a chrome gold finish, bringing a touch of refinement and a wink of humour.

Dimensions of the piece : Height 147 cm, Depth 65 cm, Width 130 cm

Limited Edition of 8 copies

Payment in 3 installments possible for this piece at the order confirmation step.